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We're a team of physicists and engineers who are innovating a wide range of technological devices meant for improving your quality of life. We're currently working on UV devices you can use in your home; however, in the future, we'll venture into much more.

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Wolven Industries
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Join our online community and buy any of our products within 30 days of its launch to receive premium discounts, as well as free 100% money-back and repair warranties. Also, have your voice heard directly by the development team about what you think should be done to improve a product.
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We've spent years in pre-production, patiently building a team of some of the best, hand-selected, Ivy League-level physics and engineering talent from around the world, from the Hungarian physics Olympics to the German automotive industry.
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Stay up to date with the evolution of our military, police, PMC, and civilian technological solutions.

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How We Help To Repair The Family

Smartphones and social media may connect people digitally, yet distance themselves interpersonally. So, how can we build a technology company focused on bringing the family together?

How We Help To Protect The Family

There are a multitude of external threats both large and small that our civilization faces, from home-invading criminals to harmful viruses. How can we develop technology to slay those dragons?

How We Help To Prepare The Family

There is a difference between panic and caution: The former is irrational, erratic, and conspiratorial; the latter is rational, disciplined, and practical. How can we innovate not into the future, but in preparation for it?

Our Company Has A Backstory Unlike Any You've Ever Heard

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Put simply, you would choose any of our products because they're the superior choice for your peace of mind.

The sheer thought and quality we put into their innovation, as well as how we listen to you to improve future models, gives you the confidence you need to know that what you buy from us was made for you, with your best interests truly at heart.

Meanwhile, each project is backed by verifiable supporting blog content addressing any questions you may have about the science involved in their development. With us, you’re not simply a customer; you’re our family, and a member of a growing community we listen to through social media and e-mail.


We’re committed to serving those who genuinely care about our civilization, those who know that there is no price you can put on the families at its foundation.

We look at each problem affecting our civilization that we can use physics and engineering to solve in an entrepreneurial manner.

If a project doesn’t somehow pertain directly to our mission of either directly or indirectly helping to repair, protect, and prepare the family for the future, we don’t pursue it.

At Wolven Industries, we’re committed to the following:

  • Earning your trust (with “earn” being the keyword)
  • Listening to your fears and feedback (through our Internet community)
  • Delivering peace of mind in chaotic times (direct-to-mail order fulfillment)


While we always strive for perfection, we understand that there is always something we can do better; so, both our content and our products evolve over time with your feedback to ever more perfectly fit your needs.

Our vision is to create an online community of people who share our values that we, as a company, build a strong, lifelong relationship with.

We’ll listen to you not only to improve the products and services we offer, but even create entirely new ones to slay new dragons threatening our civilization, as they arise.


Each of our team has a personal stake in the company’s mission, and we’re not talking about money.

We each have families, friends, loved ones we care about. From historical threats like the Covid-19 virus, to the harsh reality of both foreign and domestic forms of terrorism against our civilization.

Throughout our own personal, respective journeys throughout life, each member of the team developed core skills in core areas. What we did was look at what we cared most about, while seeing how we could combine means to preserve what we care about through the talents we have developed.

We asked ourselves: “If there was a singular company we could rely on to pragmatically help our families through dark times, which would it be?”

The answer? Wolven Industries.

Entrepreneurship that specializes in developing technological solutions and assistance for natural disasters, varying forms of warfare, and self-defense.


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