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Careers: Sales Development Representatives

Sell technology from Wolven Industries.

How It Works

It's real simple.

The Company's Designs

We design and develop a product.

Your Sales Strategy

You secure the business meetings necessary to sell the product with your own (approved) strategy for doing so.

Our Mutual Living

Get paid a straightforward percentage of the profit margin when the deal closes.

Represent Wolven Industries

We may build technology to repair and protect our civilization, but we need you to help us get it out there.

We're looking for people to take charge of varying geographical territories in the process of selling our technological designs. We want you to do this by either leveraging the network you already have or by being the extraverted sort to go out there and build the network you need.

Let us know what marketing materials you need from us. Reach out to the business leaders you know either in person or digitally. Set up meetings between us and them. Gain a percentage of the deal's profit when it closes.

Why sell for us? Well, you can…

  • Work your own hours, part-time or full-time
  • Work from home
  • Develop your own sales approach and strategy (though, we’ll need to review and approve it first before you execute)
  • Benefit from potentially infinite earning potential

To learn more about us, click here.

The freedom to develop your own sales strategy is probably a key reason why you’ll love working for us. We’re open to market fit-testing ideas you may come up with, that we may not have thought of on our own within the confines of our own tunnel vision.

We’ll just simply meet up, either in person or digitally, for reviewing the results of whatever your strategy may be.

This company was founded by physicists and engineers, with our CEO dual-classing in marketing. However, we’re open to your suggestions for how to connect our marketing to your personal sales strategy in your respective territory.

This keeps us focused on what we do best: engineering and design, while you can stay focused on what you do best: sales.

Together, we’ll form a fantastic symbiotic relationship that could quite possibly last for years.

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