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[Sticky] The Rules

Mike Norton
Member Admin


The rules are simple.

  • Freedom of speech
    • Anyone can chime in with any general thought, question, or criticism on anything at any time.
      • You may even post disrespectful or irrelevant stuff; it will simply (likely) be moved to "The Dirt Pile," if we even move it at all.
        • Though, it would behoove you not to be disrespectful if you'd like to be respected, or even acknowledged that you exist, in return.
      • Don't worry about your educational level; even if you ask the stupidest most unintelligible question, at worst, you'll be ignored.
  • The only kind of "speech" you'll be banned for is slander/libel.
    • That which is disrespectful, yet true, will not get you banned.
      • Example: Calling Mike Norton a "nigger." In one way, it's a totally false, slanderous claim if you're using it in the context pertaining specifically to stereotypical behavior tied to him as a character. However, in other contexts, to use the term such as to simply disrespectfully reference the objective nature of his African heritage is okay. You will not be banned.
        • Sub-example 1: "Mike Norton is a mixed nigger who came from New Jersey." 👍 This is okay. Disrespectful but true information.
        • Sub-example 2: "Mike Norton is one of those nigger thugs who came from New Jersey." 👎 This is not okay. Disrespectful and untrue information.
        • The determining factor is in what is true, not what is respectful.
        • You may or may not get a response, if at all a respectful one, if you do call him a "nigger" in the disrespectful but true context, but you will not be banned.
        • This logic applies universally to anyone and anything. "Mike Norton," myself, as a construct, is just a titular example.
    • Yelling fire where there is none, in its varying figurative ways, is basically the only thing that will get you banned.
      • True ad hominem statements will not get you banned; untrue ones will.

NOTE: While you can say anything (respectful or disrespectful), so long as it is true, you will not be banned (or otherwise penalized in some way), respect is, indeed, the cultural ideal. So, if you want to even be listened would behoove you to earn respect...and you can start by first being respectful. 

NOTE 2: If you post something that is untrue, you still may not be banned...because then the question is begged about whether or not your intent was malevolent. There's no reason to ban anyone who is simply misinformed or incorrect about something. Malevolently untrue is the focus.

Topic starter Posted : 04/06/2021 9:53 pm