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Investor Relations

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We Are Wolven Industries

We build technology to repair and protect our civilization.

As a private LLC, we're currently looking for angel investors in Spain, Estonia, or angels in general who would back a US citizen living abroad.

Are you one of them?

Our scope covers the following markets:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Military/DoD
  • Engineering/Installation Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Out of the utmost respect for your time, we've done the research to predict common questions you're likely to ask, so that you can determine right from the door if we're a good fit.

What kind of company is Wolven Industries?

Wolven Industries is a single-founder, E-stonian LLC. Founded by a born and raised American citizen, we’re currently headquartered in Spain. Though, we already have a experienced design, development, and marketing team.

Is Wolven Industries capable of manufacturing its own products?

Mostly, yes. Though some parts are outsourced on a case-by-case scenario.

How has Wolven Industries funded itself so far through its pre-revenue R&D stage?

100% self-funded through bootstrapping. The CEO, Mike Norton, works full-time as the marketing strategist for OMI Firm (his first company), keeping his cost-of-living low in order to fund the team, the continued education for skill development, advertising, and initial product development.

Why is Wolven Industries now seeking investors?

To break through our barriers-to-entry in the most efficient manner possible, we converted parts of our own homes into labs and engineering firms partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

Currently, we can ship straight from our houses to a pre-warmed audience on social media.

However, with an investor, we can hasten mass production and build an economy of scale with an already-developed marketing plan.

What can I expect during my initial meeting?

We have pitch decks ready for each product line. When you schedule, you’ll be asked which one you’re interested in.

After the conversation, if we’re a good fit, you’ll receive an invite to our private Slack chat. In it, you can meet with other investors, as well as each of the major team members of the company and watch in real time as we accomplish tasks…whenever you sign in.

What are the current products in development?

Currently, there are two products: our handheld UV-C cleanser, and a DET cord initiator.

The UV-C cleanser is meant for the mass market. The DET cord initiator is meant for military and construction companies.

The UV-C cleanser is at its MVP stage, able to be produced in Europe and shipped worldwide in limited quantities. The DET cord initiator is still in the design phase, awaiting manufacturing in America with respect to international law.

There are no pictures of the DET cord initiator until a provisional patent earns approval. However, we have pitch decks for either product line standing by, if you’re interested.

What are you willing to change about the company should I, an investor, sign on board?

We’re a team, and just about anything is open to change in order to win. We can’t win without honest constructive criticism, diversity of thought, and openness to change.

Receive our pitch deck via e-mail when you schedule for your call.

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Letters To Investors

Open, annual letters to shareholders in our company that outline what's been accomplished, as well as what we will. Below is the first of many to come.
  • This open letter introduces you to our brand.
  • The pitch deck introduces you to our flagship product.

This open letter targets people who have not yet invested in Wolven Industries: introducing you to who we are, what we’ve overcome to get here, where we’re going, and how. [Read More]

We're Looking For A War Buddy

Wolven Industrieshas been in the pre-revenue R&D stage since 2018. However, after years of bootstrapping, we are now ready for private investors interested in supporting our work in military and consumer electronics technology.

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It will give great, abridged, contextual information pertaining to the credibility of our brand.

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We recommend doing so for the sake of making the most fruitful use of your time either before or during the call.

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Receive our pitch deck via e-mail when you schedule for your call.

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