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Overcoming Obstacles as We Near the End of Product Development

Sadly, there have been obstacles and a delay in our UV cleanser development. We had to fire a key member of our team – the electrical engineer who was working on the firmware of the electronics.

Obstacles Due to Wolven Industries Core Staff Change

It takes a lot for us to fire someone, regardless of their position. We are, in general, forgiving of mistakes, as long as they are genuine and the person shows improvement and readiness not to make the same mistake again.

This, however, wasn’t the case.

Simply because we have a budget to work with, it does not give one the moral authority to increase prices on that basis alone or deliberately create errors that would further increase the budget required for that team member.

Let us explain.

A series of instances lead us to firing who is now our former electrical engineer. First, he had provided us with a quote for PCB boards that the rest of the team agreed to. Not even two weeks later, he increased that price twofold.

Moreover, his design had several critical errors that were caught by another team member who doesn’t even specialize in electrical engineering. And on several instances, he didn’t follow the requested instructions.

And finally, when asked for a quote needed to finish the project, he stated that he would add a 20% extra charge on top of the budget he needed. The reasoning? Not a technical reason. Not a manufacturing reason. But because “We’re all human.”

In our opinion, it’s short-term thinking to price-gouge, charge for fixing *self-created* mistakes, and add a 20% extra charge to the final quote when we were already about to give him a percentage of the profits.

If left unchecked, these mistakes would have led to a company crash from selling a faulty product, the destruction of our reputation and credibility, as well as our cultural self-determination efforts.

Nonetheless, we’re not letting obstacles stop us. Errors have been caught. The person has been replaced, and, despite the delay, the project moves on.

Our New Electrical Engineer

On a positive note, we’ve hired a new electrical engineer! He’s worked for Honda, Mitsubishi, and BMW. According to his work experience, we’re about to be even more elite of a team than we started off as.

We’re very excited. Both for this project and so many more we can make in the future. With the right human capital, you’re about to see some seriously cool stuff.

New Tools and New Skills

Our CEO must have spent somewhere close to $15,000 on new tools and equipment over the past few months, building an at-home miniature lab and an engineering and manufacturing extension, with more equipment coming in.

Our 3D printer’s working, we’re just calibrating it for the perfect settings. Meanwhile, we’re working with new heating coils for the forge.

It has been a challenge generating enough heat within a confined, compact space to melt aluminum while not exceeding the house’s electrical current limitations. But there are alternatives that we’re working on that are both custom and safe.

Our CEO Mike Norton is learning new skills on the go. There’s so much to do but he loves it! With music playing in the background for hours on end, he goes from one level of skill after the other.

We’re continually striving to provide high-quality service and products to our customers. Sharing and learning from what our customers tell us will support our development and delivery.

So, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below, write a message via Facebook, or leave comments in our forum, or contact us directly at info[at]

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    I know your products will be the best available at a reasonable price. Your attitude and work ethic are second to none. I can’t wait for your products to go into production. Best of luck and keep up the good work

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