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EM Engine, MK-1

Client 1
Location Prototyping
Scope Of Work N/A

Project Detail

The Wolven Industries Electromagnetic (EM) Engine is a modular generator that converts kinetic energy from the propulsive force of homogenously charged magnets into electricity.

While solar energy is a popular option for widespread marketable energy, it has two key problems:

  • Solar panels are unreliable in many areas of the world.
  • Properly disposing of expired solar panel materials is a lesser-talked-about threat to the environment.

While nuclear energy is also a tried and true option for widespread marketable energy, it has two key problems:

  • It requires teams of rare human talent to manage properly. And even then, there is always the risk of meltdowns.
  • The magnitude of potential damage upon the planet and society is immeasurably relative to each reactor.

The Wolven Industries EM Engine would be a reliable source of energy renewable by clean energy sources without any threat of nuclear meltdown.

NOTE: We expect the MK-1 to get us somewhere imperfect, which is why we have the “MK-” system.

The MK-1 starts a conversation between us scientists on the Wolven Industries development team. From that conversation, the MK-2 is developed, which can end up being much more advanced and better engineered within the framework of the laws of thermodynamics.

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