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Fighting For Redemption (Autographed)

Fighting For Redemption (Autographed)


The backstory of Wolven Industries, this story depicts the mental labyrinth our CEO needed to solve first, in order to actualize into the physicist and engineer necessary to start the company.

Get your hands on this limited edition version, autographed by the author himself. Because it’s autographed, it’s priced a bit higher than a commercial copy you’ll find on websites like However, an autographed version is not just a gift; it’s an investment.

If you’d like the non-autographed version, it’s available here:


If you don’t live in America but want the book, just visit your country’s Amazon “.com” extension, such as “.no” or “.es”

8 in stock (can be backordered)



How do you escape the pain of your past that ensnares your mind?

You’d think that a person who has been through what Mike Norton has would become a serial killer, in prison, at best.

You’d never expect someone like him to become one of the world’s leading scientists developing entrepreneurial solutions to fight against bacteria and viruses (for Wolven Industries). No way he’d also become the CEO of an international marketing firm helping to build multiple businesses.

His father was a kingpin drug lord who was brutally murdered at gunpoint. His mother was a neglectful seductress who wanted more from life. His step-father physically and mentally abused him in various ways: a religious, anti-white racist who hated Mike’s resemblance to his original father and interracial heritage.

Mike becomes a child who endures the stigma of homelessness, asthma, mutilation by flesh-eating bacteria, undetected tumors in his skull, and hospitalization for malnourishment. He also experiences draconian punishments, such as being locked in a closet until he loses his sense of time.

As a combination of all these factors combined, Mike develops narcissistic traits that hide his emotional vulnerabilities as he escapes into his imagination to shield himself from the harsh realities of his life.

Yet, somehow, he snaps out of it. How?

Face your shadow. Break your cycle. Escape the ghost of your father.

Based on a true story, by reading about how Mike faces his past in Fighting For Redemption, you may learn something about facing your own.


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