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The uRay: Handheld UV Cleanser, MK-6


The uRay: Handheld UV Cleanser, MK-6



Prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses with this handheld device. This product is great for disinfecting ATM and grocery store keyboards, incoming mail packages, public toilets, kitchen counters (especially after preparing things like raw chicken) and more.

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Please allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for shipping, as we’re swarmed with backorders due to the COVID crisis.

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has increased the public’s interest in various chemical and non-chemical disinfection methods. One of the most promising and quickest surface disinfection methods is irradiation by UV-C light which is an existing technology used commonly.

Alongside professional usage, UV-C disinfection is getting more and more attention for personal usage at home or on the go. However, most currently available devices are cheap, unreliable, and often dangerous to use.

We’ve designed a small, hand-held, rechargeable, battery-powered, LED-based UV-C surface disinfecting device which solves the issues with the lower-quality devices flooding the market. Firstly, the device has a UV-C output power of 250 mW which is capable of killing viruses and bacteria in seconds. Most similar devices are not that powerful.

Secondly, we are planning to use a carefully engineered reflecting sheet, which focuses the UV-C light to a narrow line, increasing the light intensity, hence increasing the disinfection rate. This gives it a focused laser effect.

Thirdly, the device is fitted with numerous safety features which protect the user. An infrared proximity sensor measures the distance between the device and the surface to be disinfected, which acts as an interlock. If the device is held at an incorrect distance, the UV-C light cannot be turned on.

Furthermore, the light emission is stopped as soon as the device is moved too closely toward or too from the surface. An accelerometer and gyroscope continuously track the motion of the device and shuts the light emission down in case of any sudden, unwanted movement.

This prevents people (such as children) from waving it around in a way that could hurt people’s eyes.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this an invention?

No. There are other handheld UV cleansers out there that exist, but none of them have been engineered with such quality to be so powerful, with targeting and safety technology that gives you the peace of mind you need to know when you’ve effectively disinfected any given surface, while minimizing the risk of harming yourself or others in the process.

It’s important that you do not rush to buy a cheaper one you may find on Chinese websites. Those ones are often just UV bulbs encased in some kind of plastic, that may not even emit the proper type of UV rays you need to defeat viruses like COVID-19.

While our handheld UV cleanser is technically not an invention, it is still the first of its kind.

What makes this so powerful?

Not only the bulb, but how we’ve engineered the inside of the device to focus otherwise wasted light into a concentrated beam.

What makes this so safe?

We’ve equipped it with infrared and accelerometer technology that lets the device “know” when it’s being misused, or when the beam is not properly on target with a surface.

How do I avoid potential dangers with this device?

Never use this device on bare living tissue of any kind, human or animal, as well as thin clear plastics commonly found in medical environments.

Can this device kill COVID-19?

It most certainly can. The wavelength range of nanometers our device uses was confirmed by Tel Aviv University to effectively kill at least one variant of the COVID-19 virus.

But it’s not limited to that. It can kill 99.9% of virtually any microbe known to man.

But I'm not actually likely to die from viruses like COVID-19!

Statistically? No, you are not. However, note that our device is effective against virtually all microbials.

We’d recommend using something like our UV cleanser in combination with a proper N-95 mask to maximize your chances of avoiding the sheer negative experience of infection, as well as any possible permanent damage viruses like COVID-19 may inflict upon your body, even if the virus technically may not kill you.

We’re not likely to die from salmonella either, but we’d still use this device to maximize the disinfection our kitchen counters after preparing raw chicken in the same way we’d recommend this device to restaurant chefs to ensure their customers are getting the cleanest food every time.

How does it kill viruses and bacteria?

UV-C radiation basically destroys viruses and bacteria at the DNA/RNA level the same way too much sunlight would a human’s.

UV is present in sunlight; too much sunlight can give someone cancer. Just like how a magnifying glass can burn an ant, we’re burning the bacteria, but not in a way that causes actual fires.

Why not just settle for a cheaper UV cleanser? I've seen some go for around $30.

Did you know that up to 80% of the UV rays you’d have paid for actually get absorbed in the cheap plastic casing of the device itself, instead of actually on the bacteria?

…that is if the UV rays are even real in the first place, because the proper LEDs you need are expensive.

And that’s just one reason.

That’s why we use an electrochemically charged anodized aluminum casing and mirror-polished aluminum reflector blocks that more fully utilize the UV-C rays you’re paying for, with infrared, gyro, and accelerometer safety technology.

You get what you pay for. See our blog for a lot more.

What material is it made from?

The inside consists of electronic boards, an infrared sensor, and LEDs. The shell is made from semi-self-healing anodized aluminum.

Why not just wash my hands?

You could, but why expose yourself to viruses in order to need to wash your hands, in the first place? What if the soap you’re using isn’t strong enough? What if you miss a spot on your hands? Instead, consider blasting it into oblivion at the microscopic level before you even touch the surface in question for that to even be an issue.

Meanwhile, exposure to harmful microbes absolutely does not guarantee increased immunity over time in all scenarios.

NOTE: This is not to be used on your skin. This is to be used on the surface that may have bacteria or viruses on it before your hand touches it. This device is ABSOLUTELY NOT meant to be used on your hands or anywhere on your body.

Is it lab-tested?

Absolutely. Tel Aviv University confirmed the efficacy of the wavelengths it emits. Meanwhile, Luminus technologies is our LED supplier.

What are some ideal uses for this product?

You can use this at major, public germ hubs, places where germs congregate and spread rampantly throughout our civilization, such as (but not limited to):

  • ATM and grocery store keyboards
  • Public toilets
  • Shopping carts

This item is expensive. Can I pay in payments?

You most certainly can if you enable PayPal’s “Pay In 4” feature.

I'm impressed. What are other ways I can support this brand and its mission?


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