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Wolven Industries early adopter discounts

Discounts and Bonuses for Our Early Adopters!

Become a Wolven Industries Early Adopter and Get a Special Discount and Other Perks!

Join our e-mail list to become a Wolven Industries early adopter and receive a 15% discount code for your UV Cleanser!

As a bonus, the first 100 people who sign up will receive a gift hamper with everything listed below:

  • An autographed design sketch that you can frame,
  • A piece of Wolven Industries merchandise,
  • A free downloadable PDF called “How Wolven Is Helping to Shape the Future of Culture & Warfare,” and
  • A membership card with its respective benefits.

Amazing right? To become a Wolven Industries early adopter, join our e-mail list now!

Wolven’s First Online Live-Streaming Event Is Coming Soon!

As we prepare to launch our UV cleanser, we’re simultaneously about to send out the first press release for an online live-streaming event detailing what we’re doing to help with COVID and the Hurricane Sally recovery.

We will be announcing the dates soon, so stay tuned.

We’ve Found a Great Supplier for our Merchandise!

Finally, we’ve found a great supplier for our Wolven Industries merchandise, and most of it will be made in America. This indeed is great news because we’ll be able to ensure that all of our products are of high-quality.

Through social media, some customers have even provided us with T-shirt ideas, which we’ve delegated to our graphic designer. When we have the first three done, we’ll launch an MVP (minimum viable product) version so that you can have a look and give us your feedback. As always, your opinion is extremely valuable to us.

We’re continually striving to provide high-quality service and products to our customers. Sharing and learning from what our customers tell us will support our development and delivery.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us at info[at]

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