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Wolven Industries Giveaway

Wolven Industries Giveaway: Will You Be the Lucky Winner?

As a thank you for supporting us and following our journey, Wolven Industries is hosting a giveaway!

We’re giving our top fans the opportunity to win Wolven Industries goodies on a monthly basis. You could win either:

  • An autographed design sketch that you can frame,
  • A piece of Wolven Industries merchandise,
  • A free downloadable PDF called “How Wolven Is Helping to Shape the Future of Culture & Warfare,” or
  • A membership card with its respective benefits. No strings attached. Just a thank you for supporting us and following our journey.

How Can You Enter Wolven Industries Giveaway and Win?

In a nutshell – be active following our journey. Based on how often we see followers interact with our posts, we’re going to choose one person at random each month.

It doesn’t have to be a long-form comment each time, and it could be as simple as a like, but consistently. We just want to see your name actively engaging throughout the month.

How to maximize your chances and make sure that you don’t miss our posts?

  1. “Like” Mike Norton’s Facebook page. We’ll highly appreciate it if you liked Wolven Industries Facebook page, too.
  2. Click “standard” in your follow settings as indicated in the image below.
  3. Enjoy the content, like, react, and comment on it, and win our goodies!

We’ve Had Some Amazing Responses

In our previous newsletter, we mentioned that we’ve already started reaching out to restaurants in the United States and Scandinavia regarding our UV cleanser. The good news is that we’ve already received interest from the first restaurants we reached out to in New York! We were initially aiming for 3% of New York, but at this rate, it looks like we’ll have a lot better first year than we imagined. Conversations with other restaurant owners, international airlines, and a private military contractor are in process.

Since the last couple of weeks, our new website has been officially live, and the response has been excellent! With literally hundreds of new people coming to our product page daily, we’ve grown with more than 200,000 people in a month and counting.

Learn more about our upcoming device here, and join the e-mail list to receive a message when it’s released.

UV Cleanser Development

From sonar technology innovated into its design to simple warning stickers and safety information on the site, we’re doing many things to make our product safe.

We’ve also finished the engineering extension to our lab while finishing the manufacturing and testing of the first stock of the UV cleanser.

Though we’ve already begun manufacturing, the reason why Wolven Industries isn’t taking pre-orders yet is because we don’t want there to be any doubt that the product works. We want to build a long-term relationship with our customers, and we’ve worked too hard to be shipping anything faulty.

We’re taking every precaution we can think of to ensure that the masses educate themselves on using our UV cleanser responsibly, without harming others or themselves. Even though our UV cleanser is extremely simple to use, we’re making sure that there are how-to-use videos on the site. Furthermore, we’re going to be making petri dish bacteria videos showing before and after disinfection in real-time.

We’re just making extra sure all of this content is ready to go before we actually say: “Okay. We’ll take pre-orders.”

For all technology products, we will offer refunds and warranties, as well. Even if we may lose out initially, our aim is to win our customers’ hearts and loyalty.

If you would like to get a glimpse of the device’s technological safety features, click on this link

We’re continually striving to provide high-quality service and products to our customers. Sharing and learning from what our customers tell us will support our development and delivery.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us at info[at]

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