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Wolven Industries Has Begun Developing Vannoken Armor Into Reality

Our CEO Mike Norton started Wolven Industries to fulfill his childhood dream of developing futuristic technological designs. He initially planned to develop technology for the US military, NATO, and private military contractors through custom contracts.

But then, the pandemic hit.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Mike and his team of physicists and engineers pivoted their technological direction to develop a handheld LED-based electronic device, the uRay, for disinfection using UV-C technology.

Now that the uRay is finished and shipping to civilian consumers, Wolven Industries can get serious about keeping old promises to turn futuristic dreams into reality. We’re now ready to work on Vannoken armors.

About Vannoken Armor

“Vannoken” is a word from a constructed language Mike invented after traveling the world learning other languages, from Mandarin Chinese to even studying a bit of Icelandic with old (written) western Norse. It means “those of the world” or “people of the world.”

In that respect, to say “Vannoken armor,” as its name suggests, is tantamount to saying “The People of the World’s Armor,” or “Worldly Armor.” To make it worthy of the name, the team of Wolven Industries has set the goal to make it functionally durable against high-caliber rifles used by major militaries around the world.

The like of it has been seen in various Sci-Fi movies, but unlike anything on the market, the Vannoken armor is a Wolven Industries ideation, capable of withstanding multiple high-caliber rifle rounds without incapacitating the user.

Just like how astronauts physically train for space flight, Mike is training to become the leading tester of Wolven Industries’ upcoming Vannoken armor. He is working on his physique to increase his body’s organic mass so that he can take impact from multiple high-caliber rounds as a live target.

The armor will first be tested thoroughly on non-live targets for calibration. However, since there must eventually be a real person wearing it willing to get shot, Mike has determined, as the CEO of the company, that it should be him. He follows a philosophy of never wanting to sell a product that he wouldn’t bet on his own life with, leading by example, not wanting to risk anyone else’s life but his own to advance cultural technology.

Mike says he even pays a higher life insurance premium for this personality trait of his.

Mike was already very muscular from the activities of his past. However, while his training on the ten weeks program called “Centr Power” on Chris Hemsworth’s workout app has been challenging, with adequate nutritional support and dedication, Mike has undoubtedly witnessed positive results in his muscle mass.

Enough to shock him, even.

He’s currently consuming a daily diet of over 4,000 calories (over twice that of an average adult male), consisting of chicken, shrimp, venison, bison, duck, bacon, salmon, turkey, and eggs.

There are two main reasons why he needs to bulk:

  • If a bullet makes a partial penetration with limited fragmentation, muscle mass would absolutely help. I’d be in a ton of pain, but in far less danger of dying. One is not necessarily the other.

  • If there is no penetration but severe damage to the armor, more mass is more impact absorption which lowers my likelihood of dying from impact trauma *even if there is no* penetration at all.

While his training is in progress as Vannoken armor is entering the prototyping stage with different titanium and/or tungsten alloys, Wolven Industries has found multiple metal suppliers here in Alaska willing to help out by supplying the project to see him succeed.

Mike posted on his social media some time ago that it’s “nice to finally be taken seriously” after people saw that he really did create the uRay, with orders shipping weekly. A small business does not mean a fake business. And small businesses can grow.

He does not blame public skepticism for its own nature in doubting his character and understands it’s just part of the uphill process for people with his origins. There is a great post Mike made on his Facebook page about appearances and character here.

Mike is recording his progress in both his physical training, using himself as his own “lab test dummy” with his team, as the conceptual armor enters the real prototyping stage.


You can follow the progress of Mike’s training on his Instagram account.

“I Want To Be Strong Like You And Thor!”

Mike’s Thor workouts to prepare his body for testing Vannoken body armor can serve as an inspiration for many.

Not only does it create positive memories associated with physical fitness for his children who watch him as he trains, but it can also push them to work on themselves in life itself. It has clearly had a positive effect on his kids!

Mike’s daughter, who is 6 years old, can often be found in Mike’s home gym conducting cute little kiddy ‘workouts .’

As long as she’s being safe about it, not trying to lift any actual heavy weights, he sees no reason to stop her, even at her age. You can read their full conversation here to learn how Mike motivated her and provided her with the correct information on weight training, equipment, and general health.

However, Mike is as respectful as can be about the cultural nuance of the Thor reference:

It’s good not to confuse the commercialized Hollywood and comic book Thor with the actual legendary Þórr. There are some, though not all, modern Norse Pagans who hate everything I’m doing because I’m fusing a lot of futuristic ideas with ancient inspiration, in a very similar way to how Bruce Lee fused what were futuristic ideas (that later became mixed-martial arts) with ancient Chinese inspiration. Bruce Lee also pissed off a lot of traditionalist Chinese people, might I add; so, we have that in common.

But my heart is true, despite my flaws: Defending my civilization, which absolutely and would inevitably include the very Europeans who are angry with me. They may not consider me their people, but I absolutely consider them mine.

In fact, the entire concept of symbolically defending your civilization, the Wolven Industries company mission, in part came from my studies of the ancients texts involving Þórr, and what he represents, the role he served, to his tribe: The Æsir. You can think about how that kind of a core icon even led to why I’d think to develop “armor” in the first place. I always ask myself, if I could develop something worthy of “The Gods,” what would they wear in modern day, or what would they need, when the sword of our time is the gun? Deve It’s not LARPing…it’s the modern real-world translation.

This all came to me while living in Iceland and traveling around Europe, tracing old family history. There is also the wolf symbolism of the company, as wolves are sacred in Norse culture. Then, of course, there’s the racial aspect depending on which psychographic segmentation of modern Norse Pagans we’re talking about. Considering the tumult of modern politics, most would not expect a person who looks like me to be so heavily inspired by legitimate and confirmable, but distant Norse heritage. However, my name is Michael Norton…which translates to “Michael of the Northern Towns,” or “Michael of the Northern Tribes” stemming from Danelaw England. A name I did not get from African-American slavery.

And I have no shame in not mentally limiting myself and my creativity to the barriers of Jim Crowian evolutionary psychology as I lead my team. There are more than one dimensions to think in, and I’m tired of letting the names I’m called from all angles to limit my potential for self-actualization in the process of giving back to my own people.

uRay Update: New Supplies Have Just Arrived

Over 1,000 uRays are about to be in stock by the end of this month. When you order from Wolven Industries, your beautiful shipping box comes sealed with red warning tape, so that you’ll know if anyone tampered with your order.

Remember, your order also comes with complimentary, matching UV safety goggles that we chose not only for their safety but for their dark, matching style. And of course, the UV-C cleanser comes with a USB 3.0 charger.

The uRay is the perfect example of sleek and quality German, Hungarian, Norwegian, and Alaskan engineering. An AI-infused, handheld, and disinfection device at least 4x times more powerful than whatever you’ll find in the general market today that emits UV-C wavelengths confirmed by Tel Aviv University to kill COVID-19, along with 99.9% of all other harmful microbes known to man.

Do you want to see how uRays are made at Mike’s (unfinished) at-home engineering lab? You can watch a rough smartphone demo video of it here. He has no qualms about speaking directly in a down-to-earth manner to his fans in his videos.

So far, we’ve received excellent feedback on the uRay. Don’t take our word for it. Read one of our top reviews here:

Would you like to place an order? Get yours today here:…/the-uray-handheld…/

Every uRay you buy goes directly to funding the armor and the international team of physicists and engineers that’s helping Wolven Industries to build it into reality. Join our e-mail list to follow updates on its progress.

So, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below, write a message via Facebook, or contact us directly via e-mail.

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