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Wolven Industries UV cleanser price

Answering Our Most Frequently Asked Question

We’ve received plenty of questions and comments about our UV cleanser. However, the most common one has been about the upcoming price of Wolven Industries UV cleanser.

What Will the Wolven Industries UV Cleanser Price Be?

While we’re not entirely sure yet since things are still in development, it won’t be more than $300. There will also be plenty of varying discount opportunities, such as those for early adopters.

One person, in particular, mentioned that with our CEO Mike Norton’s personal story as a part of the brand and the fact that our UV cleansers are handmade, we “could easily get away with $450.”

Our response? We don’t want to get away with anything.

It’s not about what you can get away with, but it’s about building honor to a name as you grow together.

We aren’t looking for a quick buck. After all, Wolven Industries isn’t the only Mike Norton’s business venture. We want to legitimately solve an existing problem with a much higher quality product than others available on the market.

We also believe that once companies earn a reputable name, they will end up making more money over the long term. This is because people will grow to love and trust you, giving you an irreplaceable market edge over any possible competitor.

We’ve Printed Our Very First Real UV Cleanser Casing Model!

To get the feel of what our UV cleanser will be like, we 3D printed the first casing model. Since things are still under development, the final product will likely be about 10-15% smaller to make sure it’s even more compact and easier to fit in a pocket or a purse.

What’s truly significant about all this is that it’s not just this one product. It’s that in the process of building, buying, learning, and doing everything we’ve had to make this a reality.

We’re progressing slowly, but literally, anything else after this should not take that long.

We’re Aiming to Launch Our Product by Mid-January.

We’ve ordered a palette of PCB boards we designed which may take about 3 to 4 weeks to arrive. Once they arrive, we’ll start taking pre-orders and then ship them out along with the VIP member benefits.

We’re getting close to the finish line!

We’re continually striving to provide high-quality service and products to our customers. Sharing and learning from what our customers tell us will support our development and delivery.

So, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below, write a message via Facebook, or leave comments in our forum, or contact us directly at info[at]

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